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Facilities Services Garden Palace, Balasinor

Hospitality comes to you in different styles! What more can you expect but being a part of age old history and culture and Shahi tehzeeb! In Balasinor when you are at the Garden Palace you’re sure to get bowled over by the undivided personal attention of this family. They take pains to ensure that each guest feels at home and is made comfortable! It will be a worthwhile experience being able to live and interact with this Royal family!

Hotel Facilities

Pick Up & Drop on Request

Walk Areas – Trekking – Nature Walks – Bird watching – Hiking

Party Lawns, Baby Sitting, Pets Allowed Areas

Wading Pool for Children

Royal Gala Lunches/Dinners

Airport / station drop and pick up (extra charges apply)

Ample Parking

Laundry on Spl Request

Doctor on Call


WiFi in common areas

Debit/Credit Cards Accepted

Snacks/Beverages on Demand

Indoor/Outdoor Games


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