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Welcome To Garden Palace, Balasinor

The Garden Palace welcomes you to a comfortable and memorable stay- a rare experience in these parts. Come and enjoy the warm and personal hospitality of the royal family of Balasinor, relax in well appointed rooms and enjoy one of the finest cuisines. You will relish the hospitality here which will make this palace as your own HOME AWAY FROM HOME – that is exactly what the royal family wants you to feel and experience !


Palace Rooms
Deluxe Room
Tented Cottages
Deluxe Room

How to Get There


Rajkot 160 km | 3 hrs driveInternational Airport – Ahmedabad (97 kms | 1 hour 45 min Driving Time) Domestic Airport – Baroda (93 kms | 1 hr 52 mins Driving Time)

Railway Station

Nearest Railway Station – Godhra (45 kms | 45 mins) Other Railway Stations - Ahmedabad (85 kms | 1 hr 36 min Driving Time) | Vadodara (98 kms | 2hrs Driving Time)

Discover Sasan Gir

Discover Dinosaur Fossil Park Safari with Princess Aaliya

Dahmod Hiking Trip

Cooking Classes with Begum Saheba

Interact with the Royal Family

Explore the Film shooting Location

Celebrate Conferences and Corporate Offsites

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