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Attractions & Experiences

    Dinosaur Fossil ParkĀ 
    Cooking Classes with Begum Saheba
    Interaction with the Royal Family
    Village Safari
    Heritage Sites
  • Royal Mausoleums - Choti Baadi & Balasinor town
  • Day Excursion to Champaner - A world Heritage Site
    Nature & Wildlife
  • Dahmod Hiking Trip
  • Wanakbori Dam
  • Timba Tuva or Lasundra Hot Water Springs
  • Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary (day excursion)
    Religious & Spiritual
  • 5 BC Galteshwar Shiva Temple
  • Old Temples in and around Balasinor
  • Kite Festival
    Agriculture / Dairy Farm Tour
  • special interest of Amul success story!
Garden Palace