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Attractions & Experiences

Historical Monuments
    Historical Monuments
  • Champaner has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
  • Palaces & Museums at Vadodara
Religious & Spiritual
    Religious & Spiritual
  • Pavagadh has temples, wells and numerous religious monuments
  • Pithora mural paintings
Tribes and Communitie
    Tribes & Communities
  • Rathwa, Nayaka, Kolis & Bhil and other local communities
Nature and Wildlife
    Nature & Wildlife
  • Wildlife & Bird Watching Safaris at Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary
  • Wildlife & Bird Watching Safaris at Ratan Mahal sanctuary
  • Kadadam & Sardar Sarovar Dams
  • Khuniya Mahadev & Hathni Mata Waterfalls
Adventure Sport
    Adventure Sport
  • Rock Climbing | Rappeling
  • Boating at Dev Dam
  • Kavant Tribal Fair
  • Navratri Festival
  • Kite Festival
Champaner Heritage Resort